Mr. Bannie Lombe – BeeDee Trading and Manufacturers Limited

When we approached DSI we were looking for a serious tenant to take occupancy of our business premises. DSI offered us a very professional service and within record time were able to find us a suitable tenant. They did all the background checks and arranged for a professional environment for us to interact with the tenant. Most endearing was that they only rendered their bill after the service had been delivered. I would recommend DSI to any purpose who is looking for professional, no pressure service.

Mpundu Chibwe- India

We want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for your efforts and Service rendered to us when we approached you. We were introduced to DSI by a friend after a series of disappointments from other real estate agents who kept on making promises resulting in our property remaining vacant for four (4) straight months. When we spoke to Mr. Nyasulu from DSI however he assured us that our properties would be off the market within shortest period. I did not believe this could really happen based on the past experiences but I decided to give it a benefit of doubt.

We were informed two days later that the Tenant for our properties in Silverest Gardens had been found and was ready to sign the lease agreement. Within a week our house was out of the market. We even wished we knew about DSI four months before. What we appreciate most was the efficiency of execution and the regular feedback throughout the all process. We highly recommend DSI Team to anyone wanting the excellent and exceptional services.

Once again, thank you for your excellence in service delivery and we look forward to engaging DSI for other assignments as need arise.


I would like to highly recommend Mr Logan Nyasulu of the Zambia diaspora initiative to anyone who may have property to rent in Lusaka or other parts of Zambia. It took him only 2 weeks to find a tenant to occupy my property and of course at a fair and not exorbitant rate.

He single handedly managed the whole process without my presence and deposited the rental charges plus security deposit into my bank account without a SINGLE NGWEE missing as I'm based in the UK. Credit and a pat on the back also due to the management of the Zambia property network for publishing our adverts and managing the group well without fear or favour.

Dr. Mayaba S. Choongo

What we appreciated most was the consistent high quality, promptness, expertise, excellence and business approach of this company/Mr Nyasulu. We cannot hesitate to recommend anyone in the diaspora. We are confident that the integrity of this Co will not disappoint you but will give you the peace of mind while you work with them.


I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for your time and efforts during registration of our company.

My partners and I greatly appreciate the prompt and quality service extended by the your team as well as the guidance provided throughout this exercise.

Once again, thank you for your excellence in service delivery. I am looking forward to engaging DSI for further assignments in the near future.

Kennedy & Chikondi Chisha- Property Industrialists

My wife & I have been skeptical about the efficiency & honesty of most agents on the property market given the numerous disappointing stories from landlords being misled and tenants being swindled of hard earned cash.

We were introduced by a friend to DSI on Friday 04th December, 2015 after a series of disappointments from a couple of time wasting agents who neither kept appointments nor returned our calls resulting in our properties remaining vacant for four (4) straight months. DSI however assured us our properties would be off the market within 48hours. I did not believe this could really happen given my previous bad experiences but was optimistic because of the confidence and exceptional business etiquette (time keeping & communication) exhibited by the DSI representative.

We were elated to be informed the following day that one of our properties in Silverest Gardens had been leased and the contract prepared for us to sign. On Monday 07th December, while signing the contract for the first house at DSI offices we were flooded with calls from prospective tenants for the second property which was equally taken up and paid for in full the next day.

Hats-off to Diaspora Support Initiative (DSI) for the exceptional service - the sky is not the limit for your organization.

Rozah and Joseph Kahiya - UK

We were introduced to DSI by our Land Solicitors, Folotiya and Chiumya Advocates. From the moment we sent an intro email, we got a response back within 24 hours! This was impressive given that this was during Christmas holidays.

Upon engagement, DSI got right down to work on our case and we were given weekly and sometimes twice weekly updates. DSI was always available for telephone/skype calls whenever we requested. This was a freshing change from what we had been through prior to DSI. What really impressed us was the timeline breakdown that DSI gave at the start of our assignment - they delivered within that timeframe!

DSI is a very professional company that delivers much needed services cost effectively to us in diaspora; that we cannot execute ourselves remotely. We highly recommend DSI anytime - they deliver what they sign up to and you get peace of mind and guarantee that your requirements will be delivered.

Mizinga Melu - South Africa

When we heard about DSI, we were not aware of their capacity. Within a period of slightly over 14 days, they found a tenant and closed a deal on our behalf. DSI has certainly lived up to our expectations!

Mwakawaza Twagirayesu - Texas, USA

It was wonderful meeting you in Lusaka! I wanted to take this opportunity to appreciate your very excellent services! You were punctual, prompt and professional and it was such a pleasure doing business with you, what a difference from others in Lusaka who seem to be on a continuous holiday!! lol - they have no sense of deadlines, not time conscious, etc!

We look forward to working together again.

Choolwe Mwetwa - Director, Ethics Institute

Living on that part of the planet where inefficiency, duplicity and unreliability are annoyingly normative business culture, spare yourself needles frustration by turning to Diaspora Support Initiative for your property management needs.

Emmanuel Mkandawire - Lusaka

I had a property which was on the verge of being encroached and possibly being re-possessed. I engaged DSI and with impressive speed, they got the property ownership documentation sorted out and in one case used their own funds to avoid loss of time and to complete the process and we refunded them later. This title process had remained un-attended to for over five (5) years, DSI acted on it securing the property within a month.

For busy people, trying to manage such processes often proves too demanding. My experience with DSI has been nothing short of superb and excellent!. The excellent and professional service that they offer enabled me to focus on my work and relax knowing that someone is taking care of my title issues.

Gregory and Majory Kanyanta - Botswana

DSI has already demonstrated to us commitment to its core business, which is to support Zambians in the diaspora. Shortly after receiving our instructions to let a house for us back in Zambia, they inspected the property, erected 'for rent' boards, advertised in the press, and got a commitment from a tenant. In addition they have provided us valuable advice on land use, local regulations and available incentives - we do not have worry about our interests back home. When we think of our projects we think DSI.

Richard and Lily Manga - Chingola

Indeed it was a pleasure doing business with you. We are really grateful for all the untiring efforts of all the team that was involved in this process. The efficiency of execution and the regular feedback all just made this process a worthwhile investment. We will definitely still do business with you again in future.(Acquisition of a title deed in their name)

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