DSI Services

Diaspora Support Initiative (DSI) Zambia Limited offers the following integrated services:

Document Processing and Registration

DSI we process various documents on your behalf. These include real estate ownership documents like title deeds, planning permission documents which require approval at the local authority, education documents, registration documents for submission at the Patents and Company Registration Agency (PACRA), tax payers identification number (TPIN), property transfer tax (PTT) and with-holding tax (WHT) processing or facilitating with the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)- where applicable! We also handle general business documents that you wish to have created, moved, etc back in Zambia.

Estate Agency

DSi has a robust estate agency unit that is currently covering Lusaka and the Copperbelt. We are able to find tenants or purchasers of a property. Our ‘For Sale’ and ‘For Rent’ property lists are dynamic, representing properties from the various real estate sectors. Our turn-around time is also impressive!

Property Management

We manage properties for our clients both in Zambian and outside. The scope of our responsibility extends to lease agreement administration, collection and accounting for rentals, maintenance management. We have a client account through which we manage all client funds. All our clients who unrestricted access to this account on request.

Project Management

DSi is currently managing several projects on behalf of our clients. These projects include the construction of detached houses, semi-dectached blocks of flats, supervision of construction projects, facilitation of development of architectural drawings and bills of quantities (BOQs), etc.


At DSi we have extensive experience in valuation of real estate. We have undertaken valuation of properties within the various real estate categories including commercial, residential, agricultural, industrial, movable assets, etc. We also undertake valuation for different purposes such as insurance, market value, etc.

Highest and Best Use (Optimisation)

DSi has been engaged by various clients who wanted to know the highest and best use (HBU) of their properties. This involved undertaking an area survey to ascertain the most optimal use of the property. DSi has developed significant capacity in this regard.

Business Research

Some of our clients require information about business ventures they wish to undertake or opportunities that they could explore. DSi has undertaken such research on to facilitate decision making in regard to a particular business venture.

Business Development and Entrepreneurship Consultancy

We are very passionate about Zambians developing and starting innovative companies and enterprises. We encourage creative thinking especially where this has potential to turn into a relevant business idea that can address a societal need. Thus we offer business development support and entrepreneurship coaching. We are keen to identify and help develop the most successful entrepreneurs of the next generation.

Tailor-Made Business Solutions

At DSi we also offer general consultancy services. These have enabled us to create tailor-made solutions for our clients related to very unique requirements which we could not resolve using standardised solutions. This ability has enabled us to take our client’s needs and turn them into unique solutions that address their concerns.

Other Consulting Services

These include but not limited to; Management of client funds meant for projects in Zambia, Linkages and referrals to critical institutions, professional bodies and professionals, Contract and business negotiations on your behalf, Management of your local meetings and reporting, Highest and Best Use Analysis and Make-over and value improvement consultancy.

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