Logan C Nyasulu's latest book 'Ethics for Estate Agents'
Date Published:15-Dec-2017   Comments:0  Views:1415   By:DSI Editor

The book ‘Ethics for Estate Agents’ is a bold attempt to clearly demonstrate that ethics are at the heart of professionalism in any field, more so, in estate agency. The book shows the philosophical foundation for ethics and argues that knowledge of these enables a professional to make rational ethical judgements when the situation demands that.

The book demonstrates that an estate agent carries a huge trust on behalf of his or her clients which exposes the clients to a high level of vulnerability. However, professionalism in estate agency enables the estate agent to live upto that trust and to ensure that the clients confidence is not let down. The book zeros in on the provisions of the Estate Agents Act No. 21 of 2000 and explains in details all the specific provisions that relate to professional misconduct. A chapter is dedicated to Anti-money laundering and the countering of terrorism while another to matters of corporate governance.

Probably the aspect that makes this book unique is the way it starts with four (4) case studies which illustrate practical situations where ethics are violated. The last but one chapter of the book then provides succinct comments on these case studies based on some of the principles explained in the book.

This is a ‘must-read’ for every estate agent and for all those people that play any role in the estate agency industry. Students can also greatly benefit from this book. It is written simply and in a way that clearly highlights the salient issues in estate agency ethics.

By: DSI Editor
Manager at DSI Zambia


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