Don't let Real Estate related Risks ruin your Day!
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'Risk' is a key concept in life. This is probably more so in investment including in real estate. Everyday I meet people who are regretting certain decisions they made in relation to where they invested or the type of tenants that they allowed to occupy their property. Now they are suffering major loses either due to a wrongly located property or tenants who are defaulting and making it difficult to address.

In many of these cases the actual risk present or possible was not considered. No real due diligence was done. Real estate investment or leasing decisions are often made on the basis of very inadequate information. This is an avoidable problem.

DSi has over the years developed significant capacity to review your investment decisions, to assess and conduct a detailed due diligence and to advise you on the actual and possible risks confronting you and to provide solutions that may mitigate the risks. At DSi we specialise in highlighting the key risks that could affect your investment. We also provide key changes to your lease agreement that may make a difference between losing out due to a delinquent tenant and protecting the performance of your investment.

The next time you want to make an investment decision in real estate, or the next time you want to sign a lease agreement with a potential tenant (individual or business), engage DSi to manage the risk for you.

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By: DSI Editor
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