Before you Invest in Zambia, Let DSi do the Ground-work for You!
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Before you Invest in Zambia, Let DSi do the Ground-work for You!

If you are an investor or a potential investor and you want to invest or conduct business in Zambia, you do not need to wander the dark and hope that what you are doing will yield results. Let DSi undertake all the important preliminary work for you. Often when you want to invest or expand into a new country, there are a lot of details that you need to be sure that you are making the right decision. Some of the issues that you want to be clear about include:

1.            The policies in the country relating to the area of interest;

2.            The laws of the country that affect the sector of your interest;

3.            Information about potential markets and the size of these;

4.            Details about your competitors;

5.            Labour issues;

6.            Peculiar country and industry risks and appropriate mitigants;

7.            Details about ease of registration;

8.            Costs of registration as well as costs of doing business;

9.            Potential partners if any;

10.         Key stakeholders.

The list is actually longer than the above. DSi can also undertake due diligence on your behalf. We can also pursue a tailor-made list of requirements based in your investment or business needs. This information could be the difference between success and failure. The costs of acquiring this information accurately can also be a serious limiting factor.

DSi has the capacity and experience to manage this requirement for you. Before you even land in Lusaka, DSi can undertake all the preliminary ground-work for you. We can also handle some of your preliminary meetings and even arrange others for you before you land. We also have strategic links to various organisations that are key to ensuring that an investor or foreign business entity has a smooth landing when coming or expanding into Zambia.

Take advantage of DSi and ensure that your investment into Zambia begins as effectively as possible. DSi- Experience the Difference!

By: DSI Editor
Manager at DSI Zambia


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