Let DSi handle your Real Estate Research needs!
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Let DSi handle your Real Estate Research needs!

Quality, up-to-date information is critical in decision making. The quality of your decisions is a function of the quality of the data or information that you use to make those decisions. It is common for individuals and organisations to base their decisions on public opinion or popular trends. These decisions often backfire and become the basis of regret. Unfortunately most of these decisions are costly and often have irreversible implications. Thus the value of well researched data and information cannot be over-emphasized.

The above is probably more so in real estate. The number of people and organisations that make wrong decisions, invest in the wrong assets, invest in a wrong area or create a portfolio that can never perform optimally is significant. The number of beautiful properties located in wrong areas or retail facilities developed with a wrong target group in mind are also many. Millions of dollars are forever poured into assets that will probably never generate anything near what the investors had hoped.

Then there are the many unexpected turns and twists in the various sectors of the market that an investor or property owner or developer must be aware of to avoid getting caught up in the whirl winds of the property market. A section of the property market can change in character as quickly as a change in trends, as quickly as a compound is allowed to develop next door or as quickly as the local authority decides to approve a shopping mall development nearby. The dynamics of all these decisions need to be understood before you make that important real estate decision. For foreign investors in the real estate market, understanding the local laws, policy provisions, incentives, risks and mitigants cannot be over-emphasised.

Finally the performance of your asset amidst changing economic fundamentals is a critical consideration that you ignore at your own peril as an investor. Appropriate historical trends and expected growth or receding trajectories must be clearly reviewed and understood so that accurate predictions are made to support current decisions.

DSi has developed sufficient capacity and skills to provide all the above. We prioritise research and up-to-date data and information. We use the most robust techniques and tools to explore the market and to collect this information. Let us help you make good decisions before you embark on your next real estate project.

DSi- Experience the Difference!

By: DSI Editor
Manager at DSI Zambia


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