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Diaspora Support Initiative (DSI) Zambia

DSI is a wholly owned Zambian company established in 2013 to provide tailor-made professional services to our clients in both in Diaspora and in Zambia. At DSI, we assembled an appropriately qualified team of professionals that is passionate about developing unique solutions for our clients.


The establishment of DSi was motivated by the many cases and situations in which unsuspecting Zambians have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous 'friends' or 'relatives' who agreed to undertake assignments or projects on their behalf. But soon they discovered that they had been duped, losing thousands of hard-earned kwachas in the process. Most of these people were just trying to invest in an asset back home. Some were just trying to help some relatives back in Zambia. But instead, they lost what they had earned so diligently worked for. Many were discouraged and lost interest in investing anything back in Zambia.

At the same time, there are many people who are too busy to undertake various projects. They also lack the requisite skills to undertake these assignments. In is in recognition of the above that DSi was established.

Our Values

DSi is founded upon five values that define our corporate culture and the way we execute our work. Our values are summarised below through the acronym ‘P.R.I.T.I’:

Professional- we have the requisite skills and experience to execute our work in a professional way that engenders confidence in our clients;

Reliable- our clients can rely on us. We are dependable and we deliver in accordance with the terms of reference agreed with our clients. We deliver on our brand promise and where we cannot, we clearly explain why and offer workable alternatives that our client can use;

Innovative- DSi is founded on innovation. The very idea that gave birth to DSi is innovative. Thus innovation is a key attribute encourage and cherished in the organisation. Most of the solutions we develop are innovative. Our future is likely to be shaped through significant investment in innovative approaches and systems.

Timely- At DSi we consider timeliness as a critical component of the delivery of our characteristic services. We believe in being on time for all our appointments. We also believe in delivering our services at the time we agree with our clients. We know the relationship between money and time and thus we understand that by being timely, we can save you money.

International- DSi is international in character by design, by function and by representation. DSi was designed to be international. it was deliberately structured to have an international appeal. Functionally and operationally, DSi engages clients who are spread all over the world. By the same token it is well represented in various countries across the globe.

Corporate Governance

DSI has a board of directors that provides policy direction. This board is chaired by George Sitali, a well respected engineer in Zambia, who is also managing Partner of Brian Colquhoun Hugh O'Donnell and Partners (BCHOD).

Our strategic plans require a solid corporate governance framework and DSi is founded on such a framework.

Our On-line Registration System

Our website has a simple registration process that requires a few of you basic details. This system also enables you to state what specific service or information you might require from DSi. Please take advantage of this system.

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