Welcome to DSI

Diaspora Support Initiative (DSI) is a wholly owned Zambian company established to provide tailor-made support for Zambians in the diaspora. At DSI, your concerns and interests in Zambia are our primary business.

Our mission is to provide the most effective platform for Zambians in the diaspora ...

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Our Services

Our services include document tracking, processing, custodial aspects and delivery. These may include title deeds, company registrations, tax matters, business applications, education papers,etc.

Other services include project tracking, supervision, reporting, etc.

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'when we heard about DSI, we were not aware of their capacity. Within a period of slightly over 14 days they found a tenant and closed a deal on our behalf...' Mizinga Melu - South Africa

We were introduced to DSI by our Land Solicitors, from the moment we sent an intro email, we got a response back within 24 hours! Rozah and Joseph Kahiya - UK

Contact Us

Use any of our contacts stated below to reach to us;
Physical Address: Number 8, Raphael Kombe Road, Civic Centre, Lusaka
Email Address: dsi@dsiz.co.zm
Enquiries: info@dsiz.co.zm
Landline: +260 211 250539
Cellphone: +260 97 586 6506

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